8 Reasons Your Next Partner Should Be a Cancer

8 Reasons Your Next Partner Should Be a Cancer

Of all of the Zodiac signs, the Cancers (born June 22-July 22) are some of the most caring and emotional of the bunch. Those who associate with the crab are loyal, dependable, and honest, and because of this, they make excellent partners.

Cancers are summer babies, and while you may think you know them, you’re missing out until you take your relationship to the next level. While Cancer’s are sometimes categorized as “moody,” the truth is that they experience feelings more strongly than everyone else, and that makes being in love with one an incredible ride.

Everyone should date a Cancer in their lifetime. Not convinced? Here are 8 reasons to make a Cancer your next boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Cancers are rooted in family.

Family, home, and tradition are important to a Cancer. This doesn’t end at his or her own family, but will extend to accept and respect yours as well.

2. Cancers are emotional.

A cancer’s love can be felt by anyone. Cancers value feelings above all else, and because of this, you will always know how your partner is feeling. Cancers do not play games when it comes to dating.


3. Cancers are fiercely protective.

Their loyalty to you also comes with the fact that they will protect you. A cancer will do whatever he or she can to ensure that you feel safe and loved at all times.

4. Cancers are nurturers.

They do whatever they can to take care of you, not just physically, but emotionally. They will want you to feel good about yourself, and help to pick you up when you are down.

5. Cancers are intuitive.

A cancer can tell when you are upset, and when you want to talk about it or be left alone. They can sense what you need and can give it to you.


6. Cancers are physical.

A favorite activity for a cancer is snuggling on the couch watching a movie. They show their love through touch, and expect it in return.

7. Cancers are dependable. 

You can always count on a cancer for encouragement and support. They will also do whatever they can to help you out when you need, from even the simplest of tasks to very complicated projects.

8. Cancers are giving.

A cancer would give a stranger the shirt off of their back. If you are dating one, they will be even more giving. Cancer’s like to show their affections this way.

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