Here are the Most Popular Travel Destinations in the World for 2015

Here are the Most Popular Travel Destinations in the World for 2015

The world is a big place, and those with wanderlust want to see it all. But where do you start? Are you planning a trip abroad for the coming year, but can’t decide where to go?

Don’t worry: the popular travel site TripAdvisor has your back, with it’s Traveler’s Choice Awards for Destinations in 2015, and there are some amazing places around the globe just waiting for you. These 25 cities were rated the best vacation destinations by people who have been there, and let this list serve as your travel bucket list from here on out. Think you know what cities are listed? You’ll be surprised by which place stole the top spot.

25. Sydney, Australia 


24. Dubai, United Arab Emirates  


23. Hong Kong, China 

hong kong

22. Queenstown, New Zealand 


21. Budapest, Hungary 


20. Athens, Greece 


19. Kathmandu, Nepal* 


*This list was published before the devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal in April, 2015. Instead of visiting, please consider donating to one of these relief funds

18. Bangkok, Thailand 


17. St. Petersburg, Russia 

St Petersburg

16. Cusco, Peru 

cusco peru

15. Ubud, Indonesia 


14. Goreme, Turkey 

goreme turkey

13. Barcelona, Spain 

barcelona spain

12. Zermatt, Switzerland 

zermatt switzerland

11. New York City, United States 

new york city USA

10. Cape Town Central, South Africa 

cape-town south africa

9. Paris, France  

paris france

8. Buenos Ares, Argentina  

buenos aires argentina

7. Rome, Italy  

rome italy

6. London, United Kingdom   

london UK

5. Prague, Czech Republic   


4. Hanoi, Vietnam   

hanoi vietnam

3. Istanbul, Turkey   

istanbul turkey

2. Siem Reap, Cambodia   

siem reap

1. Marrakech, Morocco   


All 25 of these cities are amazing destinations, but which one is right for you? Check out TripAdvisor for comments from people who have visited before so you’re sure not to miss out on any of the exciting sites. Safe travels!

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