How Did Bruce Lee Die: Accident Or Murder?

How Did Bruce Lee Die: Accident Or Murder?

The Internet is awash with conspiracy theories as to how Bruce Lee died. Perhaps the more appropriate question should be ‘WHY did he die?’

What has created this ongoing interest in, what was claimed at the time, to have been a simple case of an allergic reaction to a medication he took for a headache? He was only 32 when he died in July 1973 at the peak of physical fitness, and at the height of his career.

Two months earlier he had suffered a seizure and severe headache while dubbing a soundtrack. He was rushed to hospital and the doctors diagnosed swelling of the brain. They were able to treat the condition with special drugs, and Bruce appeared to make a full recovery. Did he really keel over and die from a headache pill?

So what did the doctors and autopsy report conclude?

After taking the medication the doctors were not able to save him. Following the autopsy, the reason given was ‘death by misadventure’ (referring to his reaction to the drugs). This was confirmed by a forensic scientist working for the London police at Scotland Yard.

The controversy over his death erupted when Lee’s personal physician claimed that Lee had not shown any negative reaction to these same drugs previously.

The conspiracy theories as to how Bruce Lee died then started coming thick and fast.

Here are the five most bizarre:

Theory 1

Actually, he had been dead for many months prior to the announcement of his death – killed by Chinese Triads because he refused to pay them protection money.

Theory 2

He was killed by martial arts followers who resented him showing the secret moves to westerners.

Theory 3

The most popular theory in the Hong Kong media was that he was murdered by the Italian Mafia when he refused to go along with their plans for his future career in Hollywood.

Theory 4

A prostitute killed him in self defense when the aphrodisiac he took caused him to lose control and become violent.

Theory 5

His friend, Taiwanese actress Betty Ting Pai poisoned him on behalf of a Chinese Tong secret society – reason unclear.

We will let you draw your own conclusions as to how Bruce Lee died. If you are a Bruce Lee enthusiast (and that doesn’t mean just cos you can do a flying kick and making funny noises you are one), then you might have your own theory as to his untimely demise at such a young age.

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