If You’re Not Losing Friends, You May Not Be Growing Up, Here’s 4 Reasons Why:

If You’re Not Losing Friends, You May Not Be Growing Up, Here’s 4 Reasons Why:

We’ve all heard the saying before, and as we grow up we start to realize how true it is.

Not sure if it happens naturally, drifting apart from people you once knew, or people just change. There are many reasons why we lose friends in our 20’s. Although we don’t really ever know when we will lose someone we care for, the ones who once meant a great deal to us, we do know what can possibly be the reasons behind their loss.

1. People change

As we grow older we all change, grow, and become different and better or sometimes worse versions of ourselves. This is the obvious leading cause of friendship loss in your twenties. Some studies show that you don’t know who you are, or generally find yourself until your thirties. As you transition into your teenage/early twenty years, you become friends with the people who make the most sense to you and your lifestyle at the time. Then as you grow up, and get more mature, you realize that the people you have been surrounding yourself with have no benefit to you or your lifestyle, so you start to cut and cut and eventually make the necessary changes. This is definitely the hardest way to lose a friendship, because there is no one to really blame. You both just grow into different people with different paths. And when there is no one to blame, the heartbreak lasts longer.

2. You get into fights and let too much time pass

Fighting with friends in high school and college was really NBD because you were forced to see each other sooner than usual, and make up. After you graduated and entered the real world, you realized that you are no longer forced to see anyone you didn’t want to associate yourself with anymore. So if you weren’t interested in reconnecting, and mending the broken friendship, it wouldn’t happen. And then time passes and before you know its been months, and maybe years, and you start to regret not putting yourself out there and apologizing or altering the situation, and then it becomes too late and too much time has gone since you’ve been friends and restarting or apologizing is out of the question.

3. Your goals/views change

Your friendship used to revolve around going out and getting drunk every night and now your goals are to build a successful business, or a family. Your friends get upset that your life goals and priorities have changed and start insulting you, which will ultimately bring down your self esteem, or even worse, your dream.

4. You start dating

You get a boyfriend and suddenly become MIA and lose all the friends you once had while you were single. Friendships have been known to fall apart when one person gets into a lovie dovie love affair. You start to resent the person in a relationship because they get jealous of all the time you are spending with your significant other. Everything in life is unexpected and there are some things that you will have to put first. You friend will have to take a backseat in your life from time to time, a real true best friend would never stand in the way of something that makes you happy and wouldn’t be hurt by this. A good friend understands that you are a part of each other’s lives to make them better, not complicate them.

What is yours will never be lost

If you lose a friend over something stupid, it is what it is and they weren’t ever meant to be yours.

[Featured Image Credit: michaelaloves.co.uk]