Lose Weight In Two Weeks: Six Diet Hacks That Work!

Lose Weight In Two Weeks: Six Diet Hacks That Work!

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The internet is full of tips to lose weight in two weeks, a magical timeframe in which all diet progress seems to occur.

Many expensive supplements and plans claim to help you lose weight in two weeks, usually through a combination of grueling (and expensive) workout DVDs, overpriced and chalky shakes, or just plain starvation.

There are a lot of reasons that a 14-day period for weight loss is a good starting point, though. It gives a new habit time to stick, it’s a short window to focus on, and anyone can do something that’s hard work for a couple of weeks.

The truth is, you can implement some dieting hacks to lose weight in two weeks, cheaply. It’s not something you have to spend lots of money on or suffer for, but a bit of planning and a solid strategy can make for a successful, short-scale weight loss effort.

Diet Hack #1: Cut Out The Carbs

Low-carb diets come and go in the health and fitness landscape, but the more we learn about cutting carbs, the better we understand why this trend keeps cycling.

Cutting out carbs is often a shortcut to quick weight loss, and is far healthier than most people think.

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No, you don’t have to eat bacon all day, every day. But replacing insulin-spiking carbs with high-fiber veggies and stocking up on meats leads to a leaner physique faster.

There are lots of places on the web to get ideas about low-carb or “keto” quick weight loss strategies. We like Reddit’s Keto subreddit for lists, recipes and support.

Diet Hack #2: Cut Out Some Of The Carbs

Hey, maybe you’re a vegan. Or maybe beans are your favorite food ever.

If so, you’re in luck. “Slow carb” eating — or eschewing foods thought to cause cravings in favor of legumes and other insulin friendly items — is another path to fast, healthy weight loss.

Lifehack expert Tim Ferriss popularized the idea of slow carb weight loss, and for good reason it stuck — those who reject the bacon-alia of low-carb diets have an even healthier option.

Is a strict low-carb plan too meaty? Slow carb weight loss may be your best bet.

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The plan Ferriss advocates also has some key pointers for successful short-term weight loss… ones that also work in the short term.

Diet Hack #3: Eat The Same Stuff

Systems are popular among geeks, because systems work well — and if you want to lose weight in two weeks, a tight system is your best friend.

Ferriss provides a short shopping list of interchangeable things. You may tire of them quickly, but many long-term adherents do one or two “cheat” days every week or weekend to “stay honest.”


If you’ve got a small list of options, making menus is a breeze and you have a good idea if you’re sticking to calorie and carb limits.

This is even easier if you…

Diet Hack #4: Live by MyFitnessPal


When you’re looking to lose weight fast, every day counts — and there is simply no better tool for tracking food than the popular MyFitnessPal app, free in the app store and also accessible via the web.

Every single thing you can possible imagine eating is stored in the extensive database.

Set your own goals, your vital stats, and add in exercise. The app does the work for you, and will even update Facebook to let friends know you’re keeping up with your fitness and diet goals. (If you opt in, not by default.)

Diet Hack #5: Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is a dirty word in the sustainable health and fitness culture, because it seems so punitive and hard.

But not all fasting is the same, and some studies suggest fasting correctly is a great strategy to lose weight fast.

Celebrities and health nuts swear by cleanses, but sometimes simply eating at key times and abstaining at others is enough to jolt your body into weight loss, fast.

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Intermittent fasting, which entails regimented fasting interspersed with periods of more standard eating, is rapidly gaining credence as a good strategy to drop weight quickly.

Have you discovered a great tip to lose weight in two weeks without a difficult or expensive program?