The 6 Best Zodiac Matches

Is The One You Love Your Biggest Nightmare?

Most people ask themselves daily whether the person they chose as their partner or spouse is really the right match for them. It is human nature to fall in love, usually for a whole host of reasons, and not always the right ones. Then, in the fullness of time, as the realities of life kick in we begin to doubt if our choices were in fact the right ones.

What you need to do if you wish to gain a deeper insight into whether or not your partner to be is a good match for you is, according to many, to look in the stars. That’s right, astrology it seems has the answers when it comes to who is compatible and who isn’t.

So before you go ahead and “tie the knot” see what the astrologers have to say about how compatible you are.

1. Taurus-Virgo:

These two make a great pair as Tauruses are well-known for enjoying the simpler pleasures of life leaning towards nature and the arts. This is a great fit for the typical Virgo who is also sensitive and drawn to nature. Both signs are renowned for being highly practical, somewhat materialistic with certain things and always methodical. As they are both earth signs as well they are often deeply family orientated and crave security and long-term security. This is all offset perfectly by the reality factor that virgo brings to the mix, always wishing to remain rooted and firm, this compliments the typical traits of the Taurus perfectly.

2. Pisces-Cancer:

As Cancer is a water sign they are known to be among the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs. Always sensing and noticing the ebb and flow of their surroundings and of those around them. Highly intuitive as well as instinctive there is no better match than Cancer and Pisces. Pisces, also being a water sign share many similar traits with Cancer although they are known to have a more challenging time, especially when it comes to commitment and relationships. The duality of the two fish swimming against each other and against the current means that the calming, regulating influence of Cancer is a snug fit for this star sign.

3. Sagittarius–Aries:

You play with fire you might get burned and this is no truer than with these two fire signs. But this fire is the blessing for these two as they discover and explore, divide and conquer. Common traits are optimism, tremendous determination and a very adventurous, carefree spirit. Sagittarius favor greatly pre-determined things and always need to know what is coming next. The more relaxed and slightly more watery aries tempers this trait in their partner well always offering approval and guidance. When these two signs argue or conflict things can get messy, but as long as they are seeing eye to eye they get along like a house on fire!

4. Aquarius – Gemini:

These two are air signs and that means that as long as the wind isn’t blowing too hard they are a great match. It is said that the biggest world changers are Aquarians as their personality traits and character is all about achievement and making their mark on society. Gemini’s are generally very versatile people and their curiosity and knack with people is second to none as the gemini adapts themselves to different people and situations. Versatile is the keyword here and these two signs compliment each other well.

5. Libra-Leo:

As these star signs are related to the sun the character of Libras and Leos tend to be warm and extrovert. The Libra is known for their charm, natural ability with people and social skills, The life of the party you could say. Put this together with the strong and dominant presence of the Leo and there you have it, a match made in heaven. Although extroverted, Libras wish to maintain equilibrium as best they can in all situations favoring the middle ground over extremes. Like the sun you can’t ignore a Leo, their vibrant personality and verve for life is always apparent and if you see sometime who is constantly vying to be the center of attention you can bet they are a Leo. When you put these two signs together you get a warm, exciting dynamic. Just as long as things don’t get too hot between them.

6. Capricorn–Scorpio:

This is the coming together of two very different energies. Whilst Capricorn is an earth sign scorpios are water. This means that when these signs come together they are a force to be reckoned with. For capricorns it’s often all about responsibility, they may lead heavy or burdened lives facing challenge after challenge. This is not always helped by the intensity present in many displaying typical scorpio traits. Scorpios have a certain reputation for being vengeful and holding a grudge but if done right the natural earthiness of the right Capricorn partner can offset this with ease.

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