The 9 Worst People You’ll Ever Meet on the Subway

The 9 Worst People You’ll Ever Meet on the Subway

If you’ve ever been on a subway, you’ve probably felt (or at least witnessed) the hassle that is interacting with inconsiderate people.

The subway is a great way to get to-and-from places around your city, but there are some people who think they are more important than others, and just end up causing more problems.

No wonder everyone thinks New Yorkers are so angry. They have to deal with these nine worst people on the subway pretty much every day. Who do you think is the most annoying?

1. The Manspreader

Manspreaders have FINALLY started to be publicly shamed for their tactics. Tumblr is proof that this action has become a plague across our subway systems. Don’t be a manspreader, or you may find your photo on the internet (not to mention, you’re being a pain).

2. The Pole Leaner

In case you missed it, those poles are in the subway to keep people who are standing from falling over. All you need to do is grab it with one hand. But instead, these people “grab” the pole with their entire backs, leaning up against them, and making it impossible for anyone else to grab on.

3. The Loud Talker

Contrary to your belief, not everyone in the world cares about your life. Especially the incredibly boring details you are shouting constantly to your friend. Most commonly guilty of this? Teenagers.

4. The Smelly Food Eater

This one is self-explanatory. It’s a small space. Your food is gross. Don’t make me smell it.

5. The Charger

The subway stops. The doors open. But before you can even think about getting out, some RUDE person has charged off the platform and through the doors, blocking everyone inside from leaving. Thanks.

6. The Reverse Charger

The subway stops. The doors open. And even though you’re standing near the doors, just trying to leave, someone inside is pushing and shoving their way through the crowd because they MUST be the first one to leave. Thanks again.

7. The Squeezer

There’s always one person who–despite knowing that they WILL NOT fit in the car–insists on pushing and shoving their way onto the tiniest ledge left of space, only to realize that space is needed for the door to close.

8. The Cougher

Maybe it’s something about being in a small, metal box low below the earth, but when you’re in the subway, spreading germs just becomes that much worse. COVER YOUR MOUTH.

9. The Blocker

You know you’ve seen him: the guy who stands right in front of an empty seat, as if, by choosing to stand, he is being chivalrous, instead of just being the loser who’s keeping you (and everyone else) from the last open seat.

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