Unexpected Lessons You Learn in Your Twenties

Unexpected Lessons You Learn in Your Twenties

Health Tips for Twenty-Somethings

Cooking is a Necessary Life Skill

College Life, Ramen Noodles

Mac and Cheese and Ramen can only sustain you for so long. You don’t need to become a gourmet chef, but learning a few staple recipes isn’t a bad idea.

Going to Bed Early Is Really Cool

Honey Boo Boo, Beauty Sleep

Contrary to what your former college-self may have thought, there is really no need to stay out until the bar closes. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour is actually much more enjoyable.

Hangovers Are Real


Remember when you could go out five nights a week and still be a functioning human? The harsh reality is that those days are over. Have more than a few mixed drinks, or worse yet, shots, and guaranteed you will be down for the count the next day.

There is No Magic Cleaning Fairy

Cinderella Movie 2015

Spoiler Alert – the shower does not magically clean itself. The days of mom picking up after you are long gone.  If you don’t clean the bathroom no one will. Invest in a few cleaning products and make it a weekly habit.

Working Out Never Gets Easier

Jenna Marbles, Working Out

In fact, anything you could do in college probably seems next to impossible now. You have the choice of waking up at 6:00 am to go before work, or going at 6:00 pm after an exhausting day at the office. Skipping, of course, is not an option because by 28 your metabolism is basically a senior citizen.

Your Criteria for a Significant Other Changes Drastically


A six-pack and Greek letters are no longer on your short list. In fact, all the qualities you used to look for in a significant other will probably seem rather unimportant to you now. Now topping the list? Someone with a real job.

Keeping Track of Your Finances is a Necessary Evil

Some eCards

The worst thing you can do after taking out student loans is rack up more debt. The deferral period on your loans is over and it’s time to pay up. Put those undergrad accounting classes to good use and budget your money. You can still have fun and save a little at the same time!

Every thing You Have Ever Worn is Now Embarrassing

That's Not Cute, Nicole Richie Interview

Looking back at old pictures and wondering”who let me out in that” becomes a regular occurrence. Save yourself the mortification and delete all evidence of college Halloween costumes.

No One Actually Knows What They Are Doing

Britney Spears X Factor

Remember when you thought by the time you were 25 you would have your life figured out? Well you probably don’t, but that’s okay because neither does anyone else. No one has all the right answers, not even adults. Which is both comforting and extremely frightening…

Your Parents Are Actually Pretty Cool

Mean Girls, Meme

Who knew? All those years treating your parents as a walking talking ATM machine are far behind you, and you start to realize your parents are actually pretty cool people who you wouldn’t mind spending some more time with. Take the time to find out what your parents really do for a living, or how they spend their Saturday night.

What other comical life lessons have you learned in your twenties?

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