High School Graduation Party Ideas And Games

High School Graduation Party Ideas And Games

These days the expectation of a high school or college graduate extends beyond the certificate of graduation; the question which occupies the thoughts of students and parents alike is – what about the graduation party?

That is why we at Life Daily want to help you with graduation party ideas and games.

We decided to focus on high school graduation and some tips on organization and planning.

The first element to decide upon is the degree to which the graduate is involved. The simplest way to determine that is to ask your teen if they want to be bothered with decisions and details, or will they leave it all to you.

Then you need to agree whether it will be a lavish party, or a simple dinner at home with family and a few friends. You must set a date and time, which can involve quite a bit of effort in co-ordination.

You’ll have to make a budget and find a location if it’s not going to be at home. And, if it is at home, you may need to rent a few things – like a tent or a coffee machine!

Agree on the list of guests, but be aware that this will probably change a number of times. Also, choose a theme for the party. This will help you to decide on the style of food to serve.

Decorations will help create the atmosphere – and don’t forget the invitations must also match the theme.

Do not lose sight of the fact that, although this is your child’s graduation party, you need to have time to enjoy the event as well – so make sure you have help.

After these graduation party ideas for organization, you need to think about what the kids can do at the party.

Games and Activities
  • Give each guest a white t-shirt and a marker so that they can sign each others’ shirts.
  • Make a time capsule. In advance, ask each guest to bring something that has to do with their years in high school. Put all the items in a box and seal it. Keep in a safe place for the 10 year reunion.
  • Play pin the mustache on the teacher. Ask your graduate which teacher to select from the year book, and get a large photo made. Make mustaches out of black paper. Place tape on the back of each mustache. This is just a slightly more adult version of pinning a tail on the donkey!
  • If it’s hot outside, a water balloon toss can be fun.
  • Write a teacher’s name on a sticky label and fix it on the back of each guest as they arrive. They have to ask other guests yes or no questions about the teacher and guess who it is by the end of the night.
  • Create a memory note station with named boxes for each guest. They can write their memories of the other person and place the note in their friend’s box.

A great idea is to make a video of the party – and don’t arrange TOO many activities. Teens really enjoy just “hanging out”, gossiping, and listening to music.

These were just a few suggestions for graduation party ideas and games.

Maybe you have some ideas of your own which we didn’t include. Feel free to share them with our readers by using the comments feed below.